Scottish Broad Sword



Scottish Broad Sword

The Scottish Broadsword, the infamous weapon of the Highland clansman, has a long, double-edged blade and a distinctive basket hilt. When combined with targe and dirk, this sword has proven to be more than a match for enemy soldiers on battlefields the world over.

Cold Steel® has chosen to make its own interpretation of this famous sword. Hand-forged, expertly heat-treated and beautifully polished with triple fullers, the 1055 high carbon steel blade is capable of passing the stringent British Proof test. The sword’s basket hilt is made of blued steel with a wood grip covered with ray skin and wrapped in wire. Finally, the Broadsword is safely housed in a wood and leather scabbard with blued steel chape and throat.

1055 High Carbon Steel
The carbon content and lean alloy of this shallow hardening steel make this a very sturdy material that avoids a lot of the brittleness commonly associated with higher carbon materials. Particularly suited to blades requiring impact resistance, it’s often seen in large fixed blades and swords.

– Material: 1055 high carbon steel
– Overall length: approx. 95.9 cm
– Blade length: approx. 80 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 5.5 mm
– Handle length: approx. 16 cm
– Weight: approx. 1502 g
– Incl. leather/wood scabbard with blued steel fittings
– Cold Steel® Product No.: 88SB

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