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Hutton Sabre

A proponent of the French school of fencing, Alfred Hutton was a British fencing master
that did much to modernize sabre technique as it was fenced at the time.

Hutton is acknowledged for breathing new life into the sport of fencing after it had fallen
into the category of anachronistic, esoteric activities.

The Hanwei Hutton Sabre is crafted after an original with a stainless steel guard and a wire-wrapped
imitation sharkskin grip. The blade and hilt of the Hutton sabre imitate the style of the true military
sabre to provide a more realistic military training sword.

The blade is somewhat shortened and lightened, with a rounded tip for effective training, and exhibits
a somewhat greater flexibility than the live military sword.

Made by Hanwei.

Key features:

– Dueling sabre

– High carbon flex-tempered blade


– Blade material: 9260 high carbon steel

– Overall length: approx. 94.6 cm

– Blade length: approx. 78.7 cm

– Handle length: approx. 15.2 cm

– Weight: approx. 624 g

– Manufacturer’s product no.: SH2201

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