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Tillverkad i trä och finns i olika dragstyrkor 25-55 pound.


Horse Bow, for both hands, 50″, incl. bowstring

The bow is rigged for right-handed archers. However, it can be adjusted for left-handed users within seconds, by means of a wedge in the leather grip.

– Riser material: maplewood
– Limbs material: olive laminate
– Brace height: 5.5 – 6 inches
– Length: 50 inches – approx. 127 cm
– Draw length: 29 inches
– Color: light brown/natural-coloured
– Incl. bowstring (Fast Flight)

Available with following draw force: 15 lbs – 55 lbs

Please note:
A bow with arrow rest should be preset before its first use. This means that the brace height must be adjusted and the nock point then marked on the bowstring, thus giving the archer a constant spot to nock his arrow onto, at a consistent angle. This will also prevent the bow and arrows from damage.

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