Roman Helmet Imperial Gallic -G- Weisenau, Steel, with Crest



Roman Helmet Imperial Gallic -G- Weisenau, Steel, with Crest

This Roman helmet (also called galea or cassis) is an accurate replica of a mid-1st c. AD Imperial Gallic ”G” Weisenau helmet recovered from the Rhine River in Mainz-Weisenau, Germany. The original, remarkably well-preserved iron-and-bronze artefact is on display for people to admire at the Museum im Andreasstift in Worms, Germany. Typical features for this particular kind of helmet were (among others) the sloping neck guard, the distinctive eyebrows, the frontal reinforcement and the decorative circular bosses/rosettes.

This authentic reproduction of a Roman officer’s helm with hinged cheek pieces is crafted from 1.2 mm (18 gauge) polished steel and richly adorned with brass fittings. The interior is not lined, but delivery includes a padded cotton cap that makes the helmet fully wearable. Additionally, small rings are fitted on the inner side of the cheek plates for easy attachment of a chin strap (not included).

The bicolour black and white crista, which is believed to have been reserved for Roman soldiers vested with special command within a cohort (such as the optiones, seconds-in-command below the centurions), is made of natural horsehair. A brass crest holder is included for proper fitting to the helmet.

– Material: 1.2 mm steel with brass fittings, genuine horsehair plume with steel frame and leather cords, 100% cotton cap
– Suitable for head circumference up to approx. 61 cm
– Long distance (back to front): approx. 21.6 cm
– Short distance (ear to ear): approx. 20 cm
– Weight (helmet only): approx. 1 kg
– Weight with crest and padded cap: approx. 1.5 kg

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