Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier


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Ribbed Shell Swept Hilt Rapier

According to most historians the Rapier first appeared on the sword scene in the
late 14th century and held sway in most of Europe until the late 16th century
except in Spain where it endured clear into the 18th century. The reason for its
long reign as the civilian weapon of choice for self-defense and dueling can be
tied to its two major advantages.

First its long, slim, double edged blade was ideal for delivering point oriented
blows at a great distance while still being able to deliver a stinging cut. And
secondly, its continually evolving hilt of rings, bars, quillons, shells, and
eventually, an intricately chiseled cup offered excellent protection (especially
now that the armored gauntlet had been abandoned) and shed, caught or deflected
blows at the sword hand and forearm with great aplomb.

Sadly, while never proven ineffective or obsolete, the rapier eventually
succumbed to the dictates of fashion and gave way to the emerging small sword.
Happily Cold Steel has chosen to revive the Rapier with our own interpretation
designed by Dave Baker. The long, narrow blade is fully sharpened and
beautifully polished with a single wide fuller at the forte to assure perfect
balance. The hilt also reflects the best in craftsmanship and materials
fashioned from stainless steel featuring a classic ribbed shell and multiple
bars, quillons and knuckle bow for unparalleled hard protection. The grip itself
is made of wood covered with rich black ray skin and decorative wire and
terminates in a heavy ribbed pommel that serves as a counter balance to our
Rapier’s long blade.

– blade length: approx. 105 cm
– hilt length: approx. 23 cm
– total length: approx. 128 cm
– blade material: 1055 carbon steel
– weight: 1233 grams
Scabbard: Leather Scabbard w/ Steel Fittings

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