Red dragon hema jacket



Red Dragon HEMA Sparring Jacket

The HEMA Sparring Jacket by Red Dragon is designed for HEMA and is constructed from a 350N rated heavy-duty cotton with an inner lining. The jacket is well padded to receive blows but has no padding on the back as it is very rare to receive effective blows here. This has the effect of reducing the weight of the jacket whilst increasing the breathability. The zipped front panel overlaps to provide a double-layer of protection against thrusts to the torso.

This jacket also features an innovative built in gorget, designed to overlap the bib of a fencing mask to stop thrusts from travelling upwards from beneath the bib. The gorget features a padded plastic plate to protect the throat and adjustable Velcro straps that allow it to be attached either at the back of the collar or at the back of the shoulders. The gorget can also be worn under the bib of the mask if you so wish. The back of the jacket features an adjustable webbing strap with velcro attachment which allows it to be pulled in at the waist for a more streamlined fit.

Size chart
Chest Waist Length Sleve Length (Armpit to Wrist) Weight
S 90 cm 44 cm 60 cm 52 cm 2086 g
M 100 cm 47 cm 65 cm 57 cm 2530 g
L 110 cm 52 cm 66 cm 58 cm 2596 g
XL 118 cm 57 cm 68 cm 60 cm 2860 g

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