Peace Maker II



Peace Maker II
– Cold Steel Peace Maker Series –

If you are in the military or law enforcement, if you ride horses or motorcycles, if you live on a ranch or a farm, then the Peace Makers are made for you!

These tactical knives are astoundingly light and thin. The largest model we offer here weighs a mere 150 g and is substantially thinner than many of the alleged ”extreme duty” tactical knives available today.

The Peace Makers’ Scandinavian (Scandi) ground blade bevel makes them very easy to resharpen, while their unique compound ground clip point provides a very stiff, distal tapered point capable of piercing thick targets without compromising precious cutting power.

As the Peace Makers offer a versatile spectrum of uses – utility, hunting, fishing and self-defense, it is fitting that they also have a versatile grip. They feature a thin, rectangular handle with subtle contouring and pronounced palm swell. A double quillon guard protects your precious fingers, while a thumb trough in the butt further enhances the knife’s versatility by facilitating a comfortable and robust reverse grip.
The expertly designed handles are deeply textured with a course-stippling pattern and provide the leverage you need to take full advantage of its astounding cutting and piercing power.

The ambidextrous Secure-Ex sheath delivered with each Peace Maker is cut- and stab-resistant and impervious to the elements. Unlike sheaths made from leather or fabric, it will never rot, crack, mildew or lose its shape.
Additionally, it is fitted with a custom-made stainless steel belt clip that will stay put and keep the sheath firmly attached to your belt or boot when your knife is drawn.

Details for the Peace Maker II:
– Blade material: German 4116 stainless steel
– Overall length: approx. 26 cm
– Blade length: approx. 14 cm
– Handle: approx. 12 cm long, high impact polypropylene
– Weight: approx. 153 g
– Blade thickness: approx. 3 mm
– Incl. Secure-Ex® sheath

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