Medeltida krus stengods




Medeltida krus 2 pack

Here you can buy a rustic stoneware bottle in the style of the Middle Ages, which holds half a litre and is equipped with a stylish wooden handle cork.

The medieval stoneware bottle is glazed in a timelessly beautiful matte black and stylish addition to the hearty table in LARP or medieval reenactment.

A great medieval bottle with which you have a refreshing or intoxicating sip at hand in style and typical of the time.

The bottle is made of solid stoneware, so the bottle can definitely withstand a strong poof or fall to the ground.

The medieval stoneware bottle has the dimensions: 23.5 x 8.5 cm.

Bottle capacity 0.5 litres. PU cork with ball head made of beech wood.

All used materials are food-safe. There is no reaction with the contents. The stoneware drinking bottle is therefore suitable for water, beer, wine and juice as well as spirits.

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