Medeltida kniv med ätpinne 5A



Medieval knife with forged blade and pricker.
A sturdy medieval knife with handle scales made of walnut wood and a rustic forged blade after historical models from the late Middle Ages.

This expressive medieval knife is a practical and shapely utility knife for historical usage in medieval reenactment and comes with a solid leather sheath in traditional shape.

The medieval knife also comes with a perfectly shaped forged pricker, which can also be used as an eating stake instead of a fork or as a practical tool in everyday camp life.

With its strong and wide blade, this medieval knife is particularly suitable for the many tasks in the medieval kitchen and in the camp.

The blade is made of carbon steel with 56 HRC Rockwell and has a hollow grinding, which gives the knife a comfortable weight despite the wide blade and at the same time provides a high sharpness.

The medieval knife has the following dimensions:
Knife length 23 cm
Blade length approx. 12 cm
Blade width approx. 2.8 cm
Blade back approx. 3 mm

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