Medeltida gångjärn set nr 5




As a rule, the heavy wooden chests in medieval households were fitted with forged iron hinges to keep the belongings of their inhabitants safe.
Forked shaped ends were a frequently used design for hinges.

It is no coincidence that heavy oak caskets with strong iron hinges were also found in medieval churches to secure church treasures such as crucifixes, candlesticks, communion chalices and the precious Bible in troubled times.

The two medieval hinges are very solidly made and can withstand even heavy use.
The individual hinge measures 22 x 2-6 cm and is 3 mm thick.

Each hinge has two holes on both sides with a diameter of 5 mm for fastening.
8 stylish nails are included for fastening.

The price is for a set of two medieval hinges.

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