Medeltida gångjärn set nr 3




The hinge set was completely forged by hand according to the model of medieval chest fittings and impresses with its artistic design, as was often the case with medieval hinges.

Even the early Celts and Romans equipped chests with forged iron hinges to secure their belongings, and the chests in medieval households were often fitted with ornate iron hinges.

The medieval hinge set consists of two hinges, a so-called hasp and a cramp.
For fastening, 10 stylish nails are included.

The dimensions are as follows:
– Hinge: 21  x 2 – 6 cm (each side 11 cm)
– Hasp: 22 x 6 cm (legs 12 + 10 cm)
– Eyelet: 6 x 3 cm

The medieval hinge set is provided with two 4 mm diameter holes each for fastening.

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