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Hand-forged door hinge in the style of the Middle Ages.

This high quality forged medieval door hinge impresses with its beautifully designed and artistic shaping.

The heavy chests made of oak wood in medieval churches, for example, were often secured by solid forged hinges in order to protect the church treasure or important documents from being accessed in troubled times.

The forged door hinge is ideal for building authentic chests in medieval re-enactments, but also makes an excellent fitting for doors and windows.

The dimensions are 26 x 6 cm with a thickness of 3 mm.
The longer part measures 19 cm, the shorter 7 cm.

On both sides, the medieval door hinge has three countersunk holes each with a diameter of 6 mm for fastening.
For fastening, 4 of our lock nails are included.

The price is for a single hinge, for a pair please order two pieces.

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