Mantel Tempelriddare




Tempelriddar mantel i ylletyg samt bomullsfoder.

Thick cloak from off-white cloth with the typical red cross of The Templar Order.

Crusaders wore cloaks over their armour, often in combination with the
matching surcoat (tabard). Usually it was emblazoned with the cross
denoting the knight fighting for the liberation of Jerusalem.

The Ulfberth cloaks are very sturdy and wide. We have not skimped on material.
The whole cloak has a lining.

– length: approx. 143 cm
– length of hood: approx. 60 cm
– weight: approx. 2.3 kg
– colour: white with red Templar cross
– Material: 100% wool,
Lining: 100% cotton,
– Care instructions: hand wash in cold water.


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