Lorica Segmentata Corbridge ”A”



Lorica Segmentata

Denna modell användes av romerska armen i över 200 års tid.

Material: 1.3 mm stål.

För bröstmått: 116 – 120 cm

Very authentic reconstruction of the Roman armour Lorica Segmentata, type Corbridge A


The Lorica Segmentata has been used by the Roman for army more than 200 years.
The earliest findings were in Kalkriese, Germany and are supposed to come from the year 9 anno Domini.


The type Corbridge A is named after findings near the northern English village Corbridge.
In this area was located the former Roman castrum Corstopidum near the Hadrianswall.
The type Corbridge A dates back to the first half of the first century AD.


The armour is adjustable und suitable for a chest girth from 116 to 120 cm. Of course it should always
be measured the final chest girth considering all padded cloth.


–  Material: 1.3 mm steek, brass and leather
– Size: suitable for chest girth from 116 cm to 120 cam
– Weight: approx. 9.7 kg


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Vikt 11 kg

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