Late Roman Infantry Spangenhelm ’Burgh Castle’



Late Roman Infantry Spangenhelm ’Burgh Castle’

Solid reconstruction of a late roman helmet, a find out of the former Roman fort
Gariannonum, today Burgh Castle Norfolk, England, in the year 1960 AD.
This kind of helmets was used by the roman infantry which fought against the
invasive Saxons already during the 3rd Century AD.

It’s a very typical type of helmet during the transitional time between
Late Antiquity and Early Medieval.
The helmet consists of four segments which are combined with clasps and a
helmet comb. It has flexible cheek and butt flaps, which are covered with
leather inside and at the edges. It also has a short riveted nasal.
As well as the original this helmet is handmade and riveted with brass rivets.

The helmet has a comfortable leather liner.
The cheek flaps can be adjusted by a leather strip.

Material: approx. 1.5 mm steel, cowhide
Size: suitable for a head circumference up to approx. 62 cm
Interior measures:
Front to back: approx. 22.5 cm
Ear to ear: approx. 19.7 cm
Weight: approx. 2.05 kg

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