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32 x LARP-Arrow with flat safety head, various colours

The LD-Arrow (Low Distance) with flat head guarantees the same high safety and durability standards as a LARP-arrow with roundedsafety head. When it comes to LARP-arrows in conventional design, the archer may have to lower his expectations in matters of rangeand accuracy, but their flight properties and visual appearance still remain outstanding.

The arrow features a shaft made from state-of-the-art fiberglass composite material which is very durable and flexible. And evenif it should eventually break, it will not shatter in pieces that may cause injuries. It is well suited for conventional LARP-bowsand provides for high target accuracy.

The captive fletches are generously sized and virtually indestructible. The fletching is designed in such a way that it fullyencases the shaft and thus cannot tear.

The nock has a smooth shape with rounded edges that minimizes the risk of injury in case of backlash. It fits flush with the shaftand the inner surface of the bowstring-receiving groove is designed to ensure lowest possible abrasion to the string.

– Overall length: approx. 82 cm
– Weight: approx. 70 g
– Suitable for LARP-bows with max. 25 lbs. draw force
– Available in various colour combinations; can be selected according to the color of the shaft and the fletches, e.g. black / green .


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