Läderpärm bokomslag A5



This high-quality leather book cover or book covers made of solid beef nubuck leather used-vintage look you always have a practical and equally stylish notebook or diary with him.

The leather book cover has the dimensions 22.5 x 15.5 x 2 cm, making it ideal for all books or notebooks in A5 format suitable.

Perfect for those occasions when it particularly comes to a stylish appearance and of course just perfect for the authentic presentation in medieval re-enactment or LARP.

The leather book cover is with a solid leather strap and a rustic toggle closure closed real horn.

In keeping with the book cover, a so-called is China blotter delivered a practical notebook, which is available everywhere and for decades from the old day become indispensable, whether as a notebook, sketch book or diary.

The China blotter is simply a useful notepad for any occasion and with a traditional thread sealing solid together. The fixed cover is well decorated in the typical black-red classical China notebooks – So your notes remain permanently and securely stored.

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