Läderarmband med medicinflaskor Nr 1



Leather arm guard with two glass potion vials.
This extraordinary arm guard with two attached potion vials has a large embossing and three buckle closures, so that it can be put on and taken off easily.

Two small potion vials with natural cork closure are placed on the leather arm guard in a special holder and locked securely with a small leather latch so that it cannot slip out.

The potion vial arm guard not only provides a healing potion or a high-percentage strengthening in between, it also provides a good grip on the wrist.

A practical and decorative accessory for LARP, Steampunk and Cosplay.

The potion vials placed on this arm guard have a volume of 10 ml and meets pharmaceutical standards, so they can be used for food without hesitation.

Since the vials were manufactured in a glasswork, they are extremely thick and stable and can withstand a strong puff or even a fall.

The potion vial arm guard is available in black leather with burnished buckles or in brown leather with brass buckles.

Three different arm circumferences are available:
Bracer S: 16 cm at the front and 21 cm at the back.
Bracer M: 17 cm at the front and 23 cm at the back.
Bracer L: 19 cm at the front and 26 cm at the back.

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