knivblad 16 cm p


Slut i lager


Short, pointed knife blade made of carbon steel.

This small, pointed knife blade made of carbon steel 1085 is ideally suited for making an authentic medieval or Viking knife.

The knife blade is based on a Viking model from Novgorod / Russia. Link to the original Viking blade…

Forged knife blades with a short blade were not untypical for the knives of the Teutons and Vikings and were still quite common in the High Middle Ages. So this small blade is also perfectly suited for an authentic representation in the reenactment of these eras.

The knife blade has a handle tang, the so-called tang, which is inserted into the wooden or bone handle.
The hardness of the blade is 54 to 56 Rockwell.

Dimensions of the knife blade:

Total length 16 cm
Cutting edge 8 cm
Blade width 2.4 cm
Blade back 0.3 cm
Handle tang 8 cm

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