Knights Templar Sword, Practical Blunt nr 1a


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Knights Templar Sword with Sheath, Battle-Ready (Practical Blunt)

This beautiful Templar sword features a hardened spring steel blade which was tempered to a Rockwell hardness of approx. 48-50 HRC and is adorned with three crosses pattée. It is full-tanged and riveted to the pommel. The distinctive broad fuller extends almost to the blade’s point, which not only makes for high flexibility, but also reduces the one-handed knightly sword’s weight.

The cross guard is forged out of steel and bears the engraved Latin inscription IN HOC SIGNO VINCES (Engl.: In this sign, you will conquer). This phrase, which is said to have appeared in the sky in the shape of a cross to the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine the Great during the battle against Maxentius (312 A.D.), is nowadays the motto of the American Masonic order of the Knights Templar.

The leather-wrapped wooden grip is capped with a flat, disc-shaped steel pommel (or wheel pommel) engraved on both sides with a Templar cross motif. The gorgeous scabbard with wooden core is covered in leather and comes complete with a carrying belt wound around it.

The blade’s blunt, 2 mm thick edges and rounded tip make this arming sword ideal for combat reenactment, stage fighting or sparring.


– Blade material: spring steel, tempered
– Rockwell hardness: approx. 48-50 HRC
– Handle material: leather-wrapped wood
– Overall length: approx. 109 cm
– Blade length: approx. 89 cm
– Blade width at guard: approx. 5 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 2 mm, slightly rounded
– Weight: approx. 1.3 kg (approx. 1.8 kg with sheath)
– Leather-covered scabbard with belt

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