Kittelhjälm 1300 talsmodell


61 cm

Kettle Hat, straight shape, 2 mm steel
– Battle-Ready –

This reconstruction follows an original from the 14th century. In the late Middle Ages, kettle hats of this type were popular throughout Europe, especially with foot soldiers.

This helmet is handcrafted from 2 mm sheet steel. Its particular appeal lies in simple, yet handsome shape and in the wave-like pattern on the bowl and brim. It is a beautiful work of armoury.

These helmets were generally worn over a padded arming cap and a chainmail coif. The helmet is therefore generously sized and available in M and L.

It includes an adjustable, riveted-on inlay made of high quality fabric as well as chin strap with brass buckle.

– Material: approx. 2 mm steel
– Padded inlay with leather (cowhide) chin strap

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