Kaeru (Frog) Katana





Kaeru (Frog) Katana

The blade of Hanwei’s Kaeru Katana is hand-forged and folded from powder steel, with a medium-length kissaki.

The saya is deeply lacquered in black. High-quality same is used on the tsuka. The tsuka-ito is made of premium dark blue
Japanese cotton.

The tsuba is crafted in blackened iron, with detailing in gold and silver and a frog on lily pad scene decoration.
The silk sageo complements the theme of the frog and is elegantly woven in dark blue and grey-green.

The black fuchi and kashira feature brass detailing, and the kojiri, koiguchi and kurikata are made
of polished
buffalo horn. The
habaki is a one-piece brass construction.

The matching Kaeru Wakizashi (Product no. SH2468) is also available to complete your collection.

Made by Hanwei.

Key features:

– Hand-forged and folded steel blade

– Silk sageo

– Traditional construction


– Blade material: K120C steel

– Overall length: approx. 99 cm

– Blade length: approx. 68 cm

– Handle length: approx. 28 cm

– Weight: approx. 1077 g

– ManufacturerŽs product no.: SH2467

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