John Lee Practical Katana Blade, with wooden scabbard




John Lee Practical Katana-Blade, with wooden scabbard

This katana blade is forged and traditionally hardened from 1095 high carbon steel. It features a genuine Hamon line and a fuller (Bo-Hi). The blade is sharpened and has a rockwell hardness of 60 HRC at the edge and 40 HRC at the back.

A brass habaki and an unpainted wooden scabbard, which features buffalo-horn kurigata, koiguchi and kojiri, are included in the delivery.

It also comes with a high-class collectors box and a cloth bag for protection.

The blade and the scabbard are perfectly fitted as spare parts or for building one’s own katana.

Key features:
– Forged practical blade
– Incl. unpainted wooden scabbard, collectors box and cloth bag

– Material: 1095 high carbon steel
– Overall blade length: approx. 97 cm
– Blade length to tsuba: approx. 72.5 cm
– Weight: approx. 676 g

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