Fröjelkula Merovingisk period



Ball pendant – replica of a medieval crystal pendant of the Merovingian period.
This remarkable replica of a spherical pendant from the Merovingian period is made after the model of a Franconian
rock crystal pendant from the period 600 to 700 AD.

The original of the Franconian rock crystal pendant was found in a tomb in Picquigny near Amiens in France and is now
in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford / England.

In contrast to the medieval ball pendant, we offer this replica with a ball of glass, which also allows a less wealthy
clientele to wear this noble early medieval jewelry.

The version of the Frankish ball pendant is made of bronze and also available in silvered version. Alloy…

A solid leather strap of 1 m length is included.

Dimensions of the ball trailer: 3 x 3.5 cm plus ring diameter 1.5 cm

Pendants made of rock crystal are impressive evidence of jewelry design in the early Middle Ages and are found during
the Merovingian period as a traditional costume in the Franconian and Alemannic region in southern Germany and eastern
Quartz sphere in meridian version. The ball pendants usually hung on a ribbon from the belt of the wealthy woman.
Perhaps the crystal pendants of the Merovingian period also had a magical aspect, because even the Romans considered
the rock crystal as a kind of frozen ice and the associated thought, the rock crystal can provide cooling,
quenching thirst or even cure fever.
In the course of the 7th century, the rock crystal pendants were then increasingly replaced by Christian amulet
capsules and disappeared during the Carolingian period then entirely from the early medieval fashion.

Merovingerna var en frankisk kungaätt som regerade ett rike (med mycket varierande gränser) i dagens Frankrike, Tyskland och Belgien från 400-talet till 700-talet. I krönikor från denna tid kallas de ibland ”de långhåriga kungarna” men innebörden av detta förblir dunkel.

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