Fettlösande spray 200 ml




Ballistol Robla Cold Degreaser Spray, 200 ml

A very effective fat solvent.

– Degreases metal surfaces before blackening
– Removes oil and grease and is suitable as a universal cleaner
– Free of aromatic hydrocarbons and nitro solvents
– Ideal for cleaning before assembling

Robla cold degreaser removes oil, grease and even dried, resinified oil residues from all kinds of metals and plastic materials. It is ideal for the pretreatment of metallic surfaces prior to browning or galvanising. Or it can simply be used to get rid of undesirable fat and glue residues.

Robla grease remover is ecologically neutral. Its components will biodegrade naturally through photo-oxidation.

Robla cold degreaser should be sprayed from a distance of 15 to 25 cm and wiped off after a short exposure time. You may have to repeat the procedure several times, depending on the degree of oiliness of the surface to be degreased. When dry, it is free of grease and ready for further handling.

– Highly flammable
– Environmentally hazardous
– Noxious

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