Falchion nr 3

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Falchion Sword

Although its prevalence in Medieval art testifies to its popularity, very few original falchions still exist.
This rarity of surviving specimens may be more proof of its popularity; most of the falchions were used up in battle.
While the double-edged sword gets most of the press, the single-edged falchion was favored by many knights and men at arms.
The wide cutting blade was quite effective against mail (although armor was being improved by the addition of plates, only the wealthy could afford
it). Although the falchion was intended primarily to be a cutting weapon, the development of the point was not ignored.
The Falchion had a very strong point that would penetrate mail with the hard thrust or stab.
A well-designed fighting weapon.
The blunt blade is made of tempered high carbon steel, the guard and pommel are both steel and the grip is wood covered with leather.

Comes complete with a leather scabbard.




– Overall length: approx. 87 cm
– Blade length: approx. 71 cm
– Blade width: approx. 5 cm
– Blade material: 1065 high carbon steel
– Weight (without scabbard): approx. 1.3 kg

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