Bröstharnesk-Milanesiskt nr 4



Milanesiskt bröstharnesk 1400 talet

Tjocklek: 1,2 mm

Stl: bröstomfång 125 upp till ca 143 cm


Milanese harness, 15. century, 1.2 mm steel

This milanese harness in 15th century style consists of a breast plate and a back plate, as well as fauld parts. The upper part of the breast and back plate (cuirass) is attached to the separate fauld parts on the front and the rear by authentic brass buckles and straps and thus can be individually adjusted to the required size. Another strap, similar to a modern belt, acts as closure on the front and ensures a firm fit. The edges of the harness are flanged to the collar, the armholes and the lower edge of the ventral rims.

– Chest width: approx. 125 cm up to approx. 143 cm
– Waist: approx 112 cm up to approx. 127 cm
– Length from shoulder (incl. fauld parts): approx. 62 cm
– Material: approx. 1,2 mm steel

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