Houndscull Bascinet 1390



Houndscull Bascinet modell 1390

2 mm stål

Skallmått 61 cm

The houndskull was a form of bascinet with a visor covering the entire face.
It is the visor which gives the helmet its name, as this resembles the face of a dog
(”hound” or, in German, ”Hund”), with a protruding muzzle in order to better protect the face from
blows and to grant greater ventilation. An other name for this helmet is ”pig face bascinet”.
Up to about 1420 this was the preferred helmet of knights throughout Europe.

This reproduction is based on a hounskull made in Milan around 1390 a.d. It is part of the
armour from Churburg, Tyrol. It is handmade from 2 mm steel plate, riveted and welded to
insure robustness and best possible protection during battle reenactment. The helmet has
a completely removeable, hinged visor, attachable with a peg attached with a chain.
A padded cloth liner is fixed to the helmet.

The brass rivets at the side serve for attachment of an aventail for chest and shoulders.
Our line of aventails are available in various mail patterns and may be found in the chain
mail category.

Delivery includes a high-quality padded liner.

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