Bascinet + Aventail Platta Ringar



The Bascinet developed in the early 14th century from the Secret helmet or Cerveliere and was popular up to the 15th century.

The offered model is available in sizes M and L. It features an aventail from flat rings, which is attached by eylet-pins and a leather cord. An adjustable padded liner is included.

– Helmet: approx. 2 mm steel
– Aventail: flatring chain mail, 8mm, leather

Size max. circumference Head inner distance back- to forehead inner distance ear to ear Weight helmet Weight helmet with aventail
M approx. 64 cm approx. 21 cm approx. 24 cm approx. 2,3 kg approx. 3,8 kg
L approx. 68 cm approx. 21 cm approx. 24 cm approx. 2,7 kg approx. 4,2 kg

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