Atrim Type XIV, Medieval Sword


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Atrim Type XIV, Medieval Sword from Kingston Arms

Designed by Gus Trim this early 13th Century style arming sword has a very slight forward balance, making it quick in the hand and devastating in the cut.

Based on Oakeshott’s Type XIV specification these swords were used in the 13th to early 14th Century in that transitional period from mail
armor to the full on plate worn in the 15th Century. This sword is therefore more cut oriented than later period swords with a more acute point
than earlier pieces. This combination of cut and thrust ability coincides perfectly with use of the sword and shield or buckler of the time.

The blade is hand forged mono-tempered 9260 spring steel, flat ground with a beautiful satin finish. The fittings are high quality stainless
steel exactly matching Gus’s design. The grip is a solid wooden core, cord-wrapped for strength with a textured leather over-wrap. The scabbard
is made of solid wood, with a stainless steel chape and a stitched leather wrap.

Key Features:

– Hand forged 9260 spring steel blade
– Designed by Angus Trim
– Wooden scabbard wrapped in leather


– Overall length: approx. 86.99 cm
– Blade length: approx. 71.12 cm
– Handle length: approx. 10.79 cm
– Weight: approx. 960 g

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