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Armborstpilar tillverkade av Aluminium för dragstyrka 150 Lbs.
Längd: 38 cm
Nock: ABS
Spets: Vass stålspets
Fjädrar: Poly

Avalanche Aluminum Arrows for Crossbow with 150 Lbs Draw Weight, Pack of 5, United Cutlery

These precision crafted, lightweight crossbow arrows / bolts are 15 in. (approx. 38 cm) long and compatible with most 150 Lbs crossbows. Each arrow features a hollow aluminum shaft, durable poly vanes, an ABS nock and a sharpened steel field tip.

Two 20 yards cut-out targets are included on the back of the package for practice.
– Pack of 5
– Material: aluminum shaft, plastic nocks and fletches, steel field tips
– Length: approx. 38 cm (15 in.)
– Incl. 2 cut-out targets

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