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Anglo-Saxon disc brooch in Trewhiddle style.

Here you can buy a remarkable disc brooch replica after an Anglo-Saxon find from the early Middle Ages.

This Anglo-Saxon disc brooch belongs to a group of early medieval brooches of the 9th century, which are characterized by their openwork, cross-shaped form in the Trewhiddle style and are called the Elmsett type.

The original disc brooch is now in the possession of the British Museum.

The Anglo-Saxon disc brooch replica measures 5 cm in diameter and thus corresponds to the dimensions of the original brooch.

On the back is a sturdy needle construction, which is also suitable for strong woollen fabrics.

You can buy that Anglo-Saxon disc brooch of high-quality bronze and in genuine silver-plated, with the applied bosses in the contrasting material.

Complementing this brooch, we also adore an identically designed pendant.

This openwork disc brooch was once made of silver and divided by two crosses with concave arms. This creates an eight-armed star-shaped motif that is decorated with tendril and foliage ornaments inlaid with niello.

The spaces between the arms are filled with openwork stylized creatures in the late Anglo-Saxon ”trewhiddle” style, their heads turned downwards and facing the centre of the brooch.

This Anglo-Saxon disc brooch stylistically belongs to the Elmsett type, There are currently 15 known early medieval disc brooches of this type, 12 of which are made of silver and 3 of a gilded copper alloy..

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