Viking drinking horn with brass rim fitting / 0.5 l.

This beautiful Viking drinking horn has a rim studded with sheet brass, which was made after a find from Birka.

Stair-like fittings made of thin sheet metal are known from various Viking Age sites and are particularly common in Denmark, but are also known from Sweden, Norway, the Baltic states and the Ukraine.

This replica was modelled on a Viking drinking horn fitting from Birka, which was found in Grave BJ 532 and was made of thin silver sheet.

In contrast to the historical find, this drinking horn is made with a brass rim fitting, which was attached to the rim of the drinking horn all round with small nails and an adhesive fastening.

The Viking drinking horn is made from genuine cow horn and carefully crafted. It has a beautifully polished surface that emphasises the natural horn pattern. As horn is a natural product and comes in countless varieties from white to brown to black, the images shown here may differ from the drinking horn available in each case.

The drinking horn is sealed with a special, food-safe varnish on the inside for carefree drinking pleasure.

The drinking horn has a capacity of approx. 0.5 – 0.55 litres

You can find a very detailed treatise on the drinking horn fittings of the Viking Age here…

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