1911 Rubber Training Pistol



1911 Rubber Training Pistol

Cold Steel’s training firearms are made from ultra-durable thermoplastic rubber.

They are stiff enough to train drawing techniques from the holster and disarming techniques in close quarter training, but just soft enough to use in hand-to-hand striking situations with relative safety.

Strong enough to survive hours of training, but inexpensive enough to outfit even an entire gym of students without breaking the bank, these practical and tactical training aids are based on some of the most popular firearms in America today – but their bright coloration makes it unlikely that they would be ever mistaken for a real handgun!

– Overall length: approx. 21.9 cm
– Overall width: approx. 2.5 cm
– Overall height: approx. 14.6 cm
– Material: green colored polypropylene
– Weight: approx. 340 g


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