Crusader Sword w/ scabbard 13c



Reproduction of a high medieval single-handed sword, as carried for example by crusaders of various orders during the Holy Crusades. The appeal of this sword lies in its octagonal pommel, which distinguishes itself from the more widespread disc-shaped pommel.
This sword is exclusively hand-crafted. The nicely shaped guard and the octagonal pommel are made out of heat-treated malleable cast iron. The oil-tempered spring steel blade is hand-riveted to the pommel. The hilt is leather-strapped. The blade has a distinctive fuller which offers both great flexibility and a lesser weight. The edges of the blade are not sharpened.

The beautiful wooden scabbard is leather-wrapped and features a wooden belt loop (max. belt width 5 cm) as well as a steel chape.

This is the regular edition of our crusader sword with octagonal pommel.

– Blade material: spring steel EN45, heat-treated to approx. 48° HRC
– Overall length: approx. 96 cm
– Blade length: approx. 79 cm
– Max. blade width: approx. 45 mm
– Point of Balance: approx. 14 cm from the guard
– Including leather-wrapped wooden scabbard
– Weight (without scabbard): approx. 1150 g

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