Vikingatida skål Hedeby




This Viking bowl is based on an original find in the Haithabu area from the 9th and 10th centuries. Bowls of this kind were very common in the coastal area to the east.

Haithabu was a settlement of Danish and Swedish Vikings; it was an important hub for trade between Scandinavia and the neighbouring areas in the Baltic States. Together with the “Danewerk”, the place is one of the most important archaeological sites in Germany and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2018.

The bowl is made in Germany in a very complex and lengthy processes by hand, in contrast to many of the imported or machine-made products on the market.

It was crafted by hand on the potter’s wheel according to historical templates, because only in this way can a replica achieve the incomparable vitality of the original templates. The quality, attention to detail, traditional manufacturing methods, and the joy of the faithful replica are real and convincing.

For hygienic reasons, the bowl is glazed on the inside and therefore food-safe. The tone is reddish brown.

– Height: about 5 cm
– Weight: approx. 395 g
– Circumference, widest point: approx. 49 cmVikingatida skål Hedeby

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