Vikingatida guden Frej



This Freyr amulet is based on a Viking Age figure that was found in 1904 in the Swedish village of Rällinge and is considered a fertility symbol because of its phallic representation.

In contrast to the historical model with a size of 6.9 cm, we have made the Freyr pendant much smaller for use as a pocket god
Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 1 cm.

The Freyr amulet is available in high-quality bronze and in genuine silver-plated.

A black leather strap in 1 m length is included.

The original Freyr figurine from Rällinge was made of bronze and was just under seven centimetres high. The god Freyr is seated with his legs crossed like a Budha with an erect penis and grasps his goatee with his right hand, the left hand resting on his knee. He wears a bracelet on each wrist and a cone-shaped helmet on his head.

The Norse god Freyr was one of the Vanes and rode the shining boar Gullinburst. He was the son of the sea god Njörðr as well as brother of the goddess Freyja. Freyr is associated with virility, fertility, prosperity as well as sunshine and good weather, and is said to bring peace and pleasure to mortals.

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