Viking Helmet De Luxe


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Viking helmet de luxe

Material approx. 1,3 mm
Standard version of this helmet comes with a padded liner inside.

This product can be made to measure after your measurements. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

Please measure your head circumference over the forehead. To prevent the helmet to be too tight, the inner circumference of the helmet bowl is approx. 1 inch (3cm) larger. For that reason, please give us an exact data without adding any space. If you are wearing a quilted arming cap or a chain mail coif under the helmet, please take the measure including this outfit on.
The standard sizes correspond with the following head circumferences:

S – 56 cm | 22.05″
M – 58 cm | 22.83″
L – 60 cm | 23.62″
XL – 62 cm | 24.41″
XXL – 64 cm | 25.2″

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