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Viking amulet from Hesselbjerg.

This amulet set from the Viking Age was made after the so-called Hesselbjerg amulet, which dates to the 8th century.

The original Hesselbjerg amulet was forged of iron and consists of a knotted ring to which a sickle-like knife, a hammer and a fire steel were attached.

We offer our replica in high-quality bronze and also in real silver-plated.

With ring our Hesselbjerg amulet has the dimensions 4.8 x 1.8 cm.

The amulet of Hesselbjerg is supposed to represent the different attributes of the god Thor. The hammer stands for protection and blessing, the sickle for food and prosperity, the fire steel for fire and home. The Hesselbjerg amulet thus represents the basic things that were of great importance for the survival of the Vikings.

The Hesselbjerg amulet was found in a Viking woman’s grave in Hesselbjerg, near the town of Odder in the east of the Danish peninsula of Jutland. It is now in the Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus.

A forged set with fire steel and sickle was also found in the Swedish Viking town of Birka.

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