Upper Leg Protection Dark Drake


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The Upper Leg Protection (or tassets) Dark Drake helps to protect the thighs and the groin from sword blows and other impacts. Two sets of steel plates protect the hips and the outer thighs, a third set of smaller plates protects the groin and parts of the inner thighs. They are made from 1 mm thick steel with no sharp edges and therefore are safe for LARP weapons. It is worn with a leather belt and additionally over your shoulders with belt suspenders. What makes this piece of armour from the Epic Dark range by Epic Armoury so special is the unique raised pattern and the dark steel as it represents a more raw and ancient look. A perfect addition to your LARP character if you tend more towards the dark side, but can of course be worn with many other characters like renaissance or gothic, too.

– Material: 1 mm steel, vegetable tanned leather (straps)
– Available sizes: S/M, L/XL


Size Weight Belt range Suspender length
S/M approx. 2200 g approx. 77 cm min.
approx. 98 cm max.
approx. 91 cm min.
approx. 113 cm max.
L/XL approx. 3200 g approx. 95 cm min.
approx. 120 cm max.
approx. 105 cm min.
approx. 127 cm max.

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