The Witcher sword





The Witcher (Polish Wiedźmin) is a computer game of the Polish development studio CD Projekt RED. It is based on a book series by the Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski about the witcher and monster hunter Geralt von Riva.

The main character of the narrative is the scrawny wizard Geralt von Riva, who is a professional monster hunter. His hallmarks are his long white hair and two swords on his back, one of silver and one of steel. The Silver Sword serves as a weapon against all sorts of monsters, since most of the monsters that are encountered are very sensitive to silver, while the Steel Sword is used to fight human opponents.

This is the steel sword made of steel of the witcher Geralt von Riva. Delivery with scabbard.

Overall length: 117 cm
Overall weight: 1.26Kg
Blade length: 91cm
Blade width: 5.2cm
Blade thickness: 4mm
Handle length: 21cm
Guard length: 24.8cm
Handle material: hard wooden wrapped with brown wax cord
Scabbard length: 98cm


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