Set of Teeth – Grell FX Fangs 2.0


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No matter if you want to play the role of an orc, a zombie or any other LARP character, this set of teeth will make your transformation even more perfect! They can of course be worn alone, too (like for fun at a party). Each set is handmade and therefore unique, consists of biocompatible plastic and covers only the front of your teeth for a comfortable fit. Included in the delivery is a detailed instruction manual as well as a small bag of fitting plastic that you need to attach them to your own teeth exactly the way you want it. Rinse well in warm water before using and after use clean the appliance very well with 70% alcohol and a soft brush to kill any bacteria that has built up during use.

– Material: 100% plastic
– Height: approx. 1,5 cm per alignment
– Weight: approx 12 g

– Not suitable for permanent use!
– Do not eat or sleep while wearing this product!
– Do not use this product over braces or any other dental work1
– Do not use toothpaste for cleaning!
– Store cool and dry after use.
– Not suitable if you are under 18 years.

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