Russian Shasqua Sabre


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Shashka – The Sword of the Russian Cossacks

The Shashka traces its origins to the mountain tribes of the Caucasus in the 12th and 13th centuries. These feared warriors were
unrivalled on horseback, and the Shashka was instrumental in their tactics.

In the Russian empire, the Shashka was the weapon of choice of the Cossacks. These fiercely democratic warrior people were the most
coveted mercenaries in Eastern Europe.

Hanwei’s replica features a spring steel blade with the same high flexibility that was demanded in the originals. The handling is
quick and well balanced for swift parries and attacks. The imperial crest is etched into the blade.


– Material: 60CrMnA spring steel blade, oak wood handle

– Overall length: approx. 94.5 cm

– Blade length: approx. 80 cm

– Handle length: approx. 14 cm

– Weight: approx. 790 g

– Rockwell hardness of blade: approx. 56-58 HRC

– Incl. scabbard

– Manufacturer’s product no.: SH2481

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