Peaked Bascinet


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The Peaked Bascinet is inspired by the original that is deposited in the Musée de Valere, Sion, dated 1380-1400. Similar models of bascinet were found in archaeological excavations dated XIV century. But only few miniature paintings confirm the usage of such helmets by medieval warriors. The brim (peak) is probably a later addition. The face opening is protected by perforated face plate and is connected to the helmet bowl by means of four pegs. The face plate is removable. The peak moderates the striking force of cuts directed against the head. The optional aventail protects the face additionally a covers the neck perfectly.




  • M – 58 cm | 22.83″
  • L – 60 cm | 23.62″
  • XL – 62 cm | 24.41″
  • XXL – 64 cm | 25.2


or made to meshure

Used metal: Rolled rusting steel

Stainless steel + 500kr

Spring steel 1,5mm +1000kr

2mm steel +200

Incl. Aventail +550kr




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