Necklace ”Fossi” with Wolf Cross


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The 4 mm wide Viking necklace has expressive end caps in the shape of wolf heads holding a Viking thors hammer in their mouths.

The historical motif for the wolf head end caps and the pendant was the icelandic Mjoelnir of Fossi, who was decorated with such a wolf’s head.

That Viking amulet is also called Wolf Cross, it unites pagan and Christian symbolism into a harmonious whole. It may be that the owner once wanted to assure himself of both heavenly powers, or that he simply wore the amulet to trade with both pagan and Christian customers – in any case, that Viking jewelery is an impressive testimony to the vast intellectual Upheavals that occupied people in the north during the 10th century AD.

Instead of the supplied Thor’s hammer, another piece of jewelery can also be hooked into the necklace if its eyelet measures more than 3 mm.
All you have to do is bend the Omega hooks that connect the two mouths a little bit and then you attach any pendant.

The braided Viking necklace is available in timeless matte black with silvered parts or a nice antique brown with parts of quality bronze.

The pendant measures 3,9 x 2,1 cm.

The Viking necklace is made of a 4 mm wide braided leather cord and available in two lengths.

With 50 cm cord: The necklace is close to the neck and is closed with hook-and-eye closure.
With 65 cm cord: The necklace reaches to the chest and is placed over the head as a whole.

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