Medeltida knapp – Ekollon



Medeltida knapp föreställandes ett Ekollon.
Stl: 1.2 cm
Brons eller silverpläterad.
The button comes late fashionable in Europe and is before the middle of the 13th century. Hardly widespread. The knob of the Middle Ages was often globe-shaped and made of tin. Only at the beginning of the 14th century came. Also with fabric covered buttons.
In the Middle Ages especially buttons with small eyelets were usual. The familiar to us today form with two or four holes was not widespread before the 16th century.. Unlike today buttons were usually fixed in the middle ages right on the edge of the garment. On the opposite side then sat an eyelet. This always remained between the two sides of the robe of a narrow gap.

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Brons, Försilvrad

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