Latexvapen-War Mallet-Stridsklubba


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En stor naturtrogen tvåhands stridsklubba tillverkad av latex från Epic Armoury.

Glasfiberstavs kärna

Längd: 101 cm

Vikt: 1 kg

A large hammer, two-handed to wield. The hammers head is modeled as a round log of wood wrapped in iron bands.

– Material/s: Fiberglass core, cushion foam, latex skin
– Length: approx. 101 cm
– Weight: approx. 1 kg

The foam weapons by Empic Armoury are designed with a focus on safety, functionality and fantasty-oriented appearance.
To maintain the protective coating intact, heavy dirt should be promptly removed with water. Strong and long-lasting heat or sunlight should be avoided.
We recommend to maintain the foam weapon regularly but at least after each use with silicone spray.

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