Latex Katana


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The Katana by Epic Armoury is a LARP foam weapon made of composite materials in novel hybrid method.

The Katana is probably the world’s most famous sword shape and has been implemented in an excellent manner for use in LARP.

The foam weapons by Empic Armoury are designed with a focus on safety, functionality and fantasty-oriented appearance.

To maintain the protective coating intact, heavy dirt should be promptly removed with water. Strong and long-lasting heat or sunlight should be avoided.

We recommend to maintain the foam weapon regularly but at least after each use with silicone spray.


– Material/s: Fiberglass core, cushion foam, latex skin

– Colour/s: metal with silver and bronze elements, grip wooden-coloured

– Length: ca.100cm

– Weight: ca. 250-350g

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