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Hand-forged knife blades from damask steel were by the Romans and Celts in use. But damask blades were also appreciated by the Germans and Vikings, as a knife blade made of Damask is characterized by both hardness and high elasticity. A knife blade is made from genuine Damascus steel cutting properties and unbreakable.

This beautiful knife blade steel damasziertemis simply ideal in order to manufacture at low cost an authentic Damask knife itself. So you can create an individual and unique piece that will meet in form and function to their own standards.

The small knife blade damask is forged from two different steel grades AISI 4340 is a hard tempered steel with a low carbon content, which contains nickel and chromium and molybdenum and having a high toughness. 15N20is a nickel-containing steel with good properties, which generates beautiful bright parts and good contrast when used in Damascus steel. Both together form the beautifully flamed Damask drawings. The hardness of the blade is 58 to 60 HRC Rockwell.

The damask blade has the following dimensions:
total length 20 cm
cutting length 10.5 cm
blade width of 2 cm
blade back 4 mm

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