Honshu Black Damascus Tactical Wakizashi


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This razor-sharp, black Damascus steel Honshu Wakizashi will slice through almost anything and holds an incredible edge. The
full-tang, deeply fullered blade extends the entire width of the sword from tip to handle base, allowing for ultra-powerful
slashing and chopping.

This Wakizashi is not only great for sword collectors, but also makes one heck of a secondary weapon for soldiers in combat.

Delivery includes a polycarbonate paracord-wrapped scabbard with lanyard and storage cloth.


– Material: black Damascus steel blade, non-slip checkered handle with black finished hand-guard and dowels, paracord lanyard

– Overall length: approx. 77.2 cm

– Blade length: approx. 50.2 cm

– Incl. paracord-wrapped scabbard

– Manufacturer’s product no.: UC3079

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